Sunday, September 4, 2016

the i knew it all

Do you sometimes felt like you knew it all?

Like whatever that come out of your mouth are the best words and truest of all?

Everybody else is wrong....only you are the correct one....

I sometimes act like this. I sometimes felt like i knew it all. Its me whom best decide on my life and on what's happening around me because i knew it all.

Sadly..pathetically...this is not true....of course...

I dont refer to anyone else...I refer to myself.

I am a such lazy reader. I am such a lazy learner. So how do I claimed that I knew it all? Because I read a little bit from google, from facebook, from a few pages of the newspaper? funny right.

So funny but at the same time, freakingly scary.

The amount of ego that stood up so high with very little knowledge and like-a-pinch-of-self-conscious had led me to felt like i knew it all. Which is so wrong and frighteningly scary because I dont realised it. I, the one like this, for quite a long moments in life had dare to think that I knew it all, and it always crossed my mind...what the heck are with these peoples? Why dont they listen to me? Dont they think? Dont they realized that they are so wrong and only me is so right.

I cannot believed it myself that I dare to think that i Knew it all....when in actual....i know nothing and it far way beyond my knowledge.

After listening to a ustaz, i felt so stupid. I felt like...i could i think like that?

So peeps...

Number 1
We're are human...we dont knew it all

Number 2
Dont ever dare to think that we knew it all and that we are way much better than anyone else. Because we just dont know everyone and what that had gone through in life. Thus, we certainly don not have the right to judge them.

Number 3
Learn from the experts. Dont just read from google and then decide on the fate of your life. We have so little knowledge. Just so little.

Number 4
Always have the thoughts that we are no better that anybody else.

Number 5
Stay humble


Friday, January 22, 2016

Terima kasih Mak

We knew you're happy now
We knew you'll get the best
But we still find it hard 
To let you go
Because we miss you Mak
We will always miss you
May we be together again
In shaa Allah


Thursday, January 14, 2016


I had a bff
But i didnt realise it
Until i lost her
And now i miss her
Like any other day

We used to talk a lot
From living to dying
From sadness to joy
From laughter to pain
From the sky to the bottom
From heaven to hell

And now i just cant talk
I have no words
I have no smile
I keep on rewinding
The memories
The love
The laughter
Oooo....i miss very much

My bff is my many years companion
She was there
In my sorrow
In my tears
In all that had occurred
And in all that we had planned together

And now i have no plan

I am the one... left behind
And she had gone
To a so much better place
The place where there is no sorrow
There are only happiness
An never ending happiness

For being left behind
For being unsure
On whether we will be together again
Is my greatest worry now

This journey will come to an end
The end will be the new beginning...

And i am worried
Without my bff
Will i touch the finish line
The roads are clear
But the ways are confusing
I was so afraid of getting lost
Without my bff
Who used to be the light of my journey...

To the one and only me me
Just like what you've shown to my bff
The beautiful of the hereafter
So i could see her again
So i could talk to her again
So i could be with her again
In happiness
Never ending happiness....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17 November 1977

My last post....before this one...was on 14th of May 2015.

And today is 17th November 2015. Its my birthday. Hence, it is a must-write-day.

Alhamdullillah. I am 38 today. 38 is a big number.

I experienced a close aunt leaving the world at the age of 36.
A friend return back to Allah at the age of 35.
A friend losing her age-12-son, return back to jannah.

Hence, 38 is a big number. Alhamdulillah...thank you so much Allah for these big numbers.

With these big numbers....Today, is a celebration with lots love. Lots and lots of love. All the peoples that I loved, contacted me and wishing me happy birthday. My loved one, my soul mate in shaa Allah till jannah had been celebrating my birthday, yesterday, today and in shaa Allah tomorrow. Like sort of pre, on and post birthday celebration. What else can I say....Alhamdulillah...thank you so much. Words were just unable to describe the bursting love inside....

And as for my birthday end the day....17 November 2015

may we all be together, in love, in lots of care & lots of iman & lots of patient & lots of courage & of course lots of happiness in this world that shall lead us to the never ending love and happiness in the hereafter.

Strength is what move you
love is what inspire you
happiness is what excites you happy and be in love....with these will have the strength to conquer the world!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank you Allah

Having these 2 persons in my life
Are the best gift from Allah

Being with them
Sharing this temporary journey
With these gifts...
Is the sweetest thing in my life

Words may not be able to describe
Paintings may not be able to illustrate
Numbers may not be able to count
Of how amazing this journey are
With these gifts from Allah

I may not be able to
Go around the world...
But i totally dont mind
Being with them is like having the world for me...

I dont feel less
I dont feel tired
I dont feel empty
I only felt love
And lots of love
From these 2 amazing creatured
Of Allah's creation...

Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah

Monday, February 23, 2015

Will there be....

Will there be life
When there is no soul

Will there be love
When there is no sacrifices

Will there be happiness
When there is no smile

Will there be hope
When there is no dream

Will there be rainbow
When there is no rain

And will there be you
When there is no me

Will there be an end
When there is no start

And all these thoughts
And all these emotions
And all these smile & tears
Had reached beyond imagination

Hence will there be a living me
When there is no heart....