Wednesday, November 9, 2016

9 Nov 2016

Bila cium pipi gebu tu
Si pipi gebu tu senyum
That is the best thing
In the world
Nothing can beat 
A smiling pipi gebu!!! 

Find your own version of pipi gebu
And the world will be yours

Monday, November 7, 2016

7 Nov 2016

Yesterday, i have to send my little one back to school. He is no longer little. He is no longer chubby. He already started thinking about his future, seriously. He is now collecting informations on wisdom, on leading life, on what's next. I realised how fast time has flies. But I still can't seems to let him go. I keep counting on the seconds that will soon be gone, on the minutes that are running too fast, on the hour that are seems too few and on days that easily turned to months & years. 

Yes, time will wait for no one & time is too precious to be wasted. There are no replacement for the time that had gone & no guarantee for the next time to be in. 

Hence, the present is a truly a present. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 Nov 2016

One of my dreams....are having books....having many in the photos....

I would spend my day, in between of the book shelf....lying down and reading or maybe sleeping with the vision of books in my eyes....

Surrounded with books... Books of all types and genre....the books are nicely placed on the high tall book shelf....

Reading is not a must but dreaming is compulsory 😆

I love dreaming 😍 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

1 Nov 2016

Have you ever wonder what jannah is like? Have you ever imagine seeing jannah? Or being in jannah?

There are many words is Quran that described jannah. One of it are in Surah Fussilat....that's a place that you will get whatever that you wish for and anything that you ask for. The place where all your wishes will be granted. 

A beautiful place where everything & everyone is living happily ever after. Yes, happily ever after do jannah of course not in the fairy tales story that are so much often heard and be told. 

Yes, it is kind of hard imagining a place like jannah and hell. If we could really imagined hell and imagining that we are in hell....I am certain that we will not dare doing any sin or performing wrong doings that will let us be thrown to hell. 

And if we really can imagine how cool and awesome and magnificent jannah is,  we will certainly do whatever it takes to ensure that we will end up in jannah. That we will live there forever...happily ever after. 

And I look at my daughter. Yes. I was worried of her future. What will happened to her if my time in the world had end? Who will take care of her? What will happened next? 

Then, I imagined jannah. Allah had loaned me and my family a daughter that belongs to jannah. You know that beautiful place that we all knew...that we all want to go to... That is certainly not easy to enter and of course required sacrifices and really strong will. 

That jannah is where my special limited edition daughter will straight go to once her time is up. Her road to jannah will be as easy as ABC...or maybe much much more easier should Allah want it to be that way. 

Hence, to all parents of the special ones, of the one that Allah had decided that jannah will be for them. Do your best for your child and dont worry too much of the future. Your special ones may be look weird, look unfortunate, look sad, look like a loser for this world. But in jannah, the place where they belongs to, the place where all the happiness in this world can't be equivalent to anything in jannah, the place for happily ever after, your special loved ones belongs to that magnificent glorious place. What else can be better than this? 

Hence, smile...big smile...remember that jannah...your special ones are the member of jannah. You have in your house a member of jannah. You should be proud and be thankful, be grateful to Allah for letting you kissing and hugging and raising a member of jannah. Thinking about this makes myvheart flutter. Hence, I am writing this, to make your heart flutters too. Smile!!! Big ones!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

29 Oct 2016

There are times
When you felt so happy
Blooming in the heart 
Seeing the things that you love
Feeling the joy
The passion
The unconditional love
The truth
The sweetness
The freedom
And the books
The books that warm the heart 
The books for everything 
Thank you Allah
Thank you so much 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

the i knew it all

Do you sometimes felt like you knew it all?

Like whatever that come out of your mouth are the best words and truest of all?

Everybody else is wrong....only you are the correct one....

I sometimes act like this. I sometimes felt like i knew it all. Its me whom best decide on my life and on what's happening around me because i knew it all.

Sadly..pathetically...this is not true....of course...

I dont refer to anyone else...I refer to myself.

I am a such lazy reader. I am such a lazy learner. So how do I claimed that I knew it all? Because I read a little bit from google, from facebook, from a few pages of the newspaper? funny right.

So funny but at the same time, freakingly scary.

The amount of ego that stood up so high with very little knowledge and like-a-pinch-of-self-conscious had led me to felt like i knew it all. Which is so wrong and frighteningly scary because I dont realised it. I, the one like this, for quite a long moments in life had dare to think that I knew it all, and it always crossed my mind...what the heck are with these peoples? Why dont they listen to me? Dont they think? Dont they realized that they are so wrong and only me is so right.

I cannot believed it myself that I dare to think that i Knew it all....when in actual....i know nothing and it far way beyond my knowledge.

After listening to a ustaz, i felt so stupid. I felt like...i could i think like that?

So peeps...

Number 1
We're are human...we dont knew it all

Number 2
Dont ever dare to think that we knew it all and that we are way much better than anyone else. Because we just dont know everyone and what that had gone through in life. Thus, we certainly don not have the right to judge them.

Number 3
Learn from the experts. Dont just read from google and then decide on the fate of your life. We have so little knowledge. Just so little.

Number 4
Always have the thoughts that we are no better that anybody else.

Number 5
Stay humble


Friday, January 22, 2016

Terima kasih Mak

We knew you're happy now
We knew you'll get the best
But we still find it hard 
To let you go
Because we miss you Mak
We will always miss you
May we be together again
In shaa Allah